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She Who Fights Monsters: Choice Edition

She Who Fights Monsters: Choice Edition

Help a young girl survive seven days with her alcoholic father. Completing it the first time is only the beginning.

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Enter a surreal cyberworld in search of a fallen angel. RPG Maker game. Exploration highly encouraged.


A game of choices, love, adventure, and the rescue of a beautiful alien. Featured in Videogames for Humans.

[Sticky] Homicidal Jenny: Video – Graphics and Gameplay

I’ve been working hard on my latest project, and it’s starting to look like a game! Yay! Here’s a look at stage 1-1 as it currently stands. Music (which isn’t part of the game) by Kevin MacLeod at Incompetech.

Current Status: Trying to Make Friends with Game Maker 2

Hi, everyone! I am still here and working on Homicidal Jenny. But about a month ago, I finally got Game Maker 2. It’s a lot different from 1.4; I pretty much ran away screaming the first time I opened it. :p

But I did eventually get back to it and I’m trying to familiarize myself with all the new stuff. Since this could take a while (and I have a full-time job again), I guess I’m aiming for a “Sometime in 2019” release date now.

Anyway, that’s it for now. Maybe I’ll have something more exciting to share later.

Take care,

Signed, The Pixie.

Weapon Test: Scythe

This is just some test footage of a new weapon I’ve added to Homicidal Jenny. I’m thinking of making it bounce off solid objects instead of being destroyed by them.

New Site: Ephemera

Hi, Everyone! That new project I mentioned is finally set up. I call it Ephemera: Blogging through Games. I’ve posted two new projects there to get things started. One is a new Twine game about procrastination, and the other (believe it or not) is an RPG Maker-based spiritual follow-up to The Choice, which was my very first attempt at making a game. When I made The Choice, I tried as hard as I could to make it uplifting or encouraging or whatever. This time, I just let the story tell itself–and more with actions and images than words.

Oh, and the About page might also be worth a visit.

Anyway, I hope you enjoy it. ^^

Check out Ephemera here.

A Project in Progress

Hi, everyone! I know I haven’t updated the site recently, but I’m definitely working on stuff. The obvious one is Homicidal Jenny, but I’m also setting up a new site especially for short personal projects that don’t always fit in with what some people might call games. Most of the content will be Twine stories along with the occasional RPG Maker piece. And I don’t want to open up the site empty, so I’m putting together some new [very short] games to post there beforehand.

The new site will be open when it’s open. ;p I hope you enjoy it when it is. In the meantime, though, I’m still here, I’m still creating, and I’ll likely have something new for you within the next couple of weeks.

Until then,


Signed, The Pixie.

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