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Here are all of my completed games so far, listed from most recent to oldest. Click the links/thumbnails to learn more — and to play them!

She Who Fights Monsters: Choice Edition

She Who Fights Monsters: Choice Edition

[RPG MAKER] Updated version of She Who Fights Monsters. More story, New Game Plus, etc.

Raziel banner


[RPG MAKER] Enter a surreal cyberworld in search of a fallen angel. RPG Maker game. Exploration highly encouraged.

She Who Fights Monsters (Original Version)

[RPG Maker] My first non-Twine game. Help a young girl survive seven days with her alcoholic father.

Shadow of a Soul

[NSFW!] Shadow of a Soul

[TWINE] Strange and dark and definitely naughty. NSFW.


[TWINE] A game of choices, love, adventure, and the rescue of a beautiful alien. Featured in Videogames for Humans.

The Choice

[TWINE] My first attempt at a game, saved for posterity. Deals with suicidal feelings.

What’s in a Name?

[TWINE] An interactive story about my early experiences coming out as bisexual.