Fragments of Maia: How This Got Started

Posted on December 10th, 2012

Hi! If you’ve been hanging around the site long enough, you might know I was planning a series of animated shorts called Children of the Dreaming Mother. It went through a lot of changes even before I reached the point of 1)deciding it would be animated or 2)giving it a title. At first, since I knew there were some people who would miss my videos, I thought of doing something like my Gaiden Reviews (basically instead of of straight-reviewing a game, I’d make a short film based on it), but only with original stories. Unfortunately, that whole “I’d rather just not be in front of a camera” thing kept getting in the way. I also wanted less and less for the main character be me, or even “Gaming Pixie” or “Chellevira” for that matter.

Then, I thought maybe Flash animation… but maybe 3D in Blender would be better? Then, I did some test renderings (or tried) and realized a five-minute video would probably take about a week to render on my aging PC. -_-; So, it was back to Flash again, and I had seen people do amazing things in Flash and similar programs.

But that never felt right, either, especially as I worked on the story. Basically, I had this girl who was suffering terrible nightmares and needed to go find things in the dream world — pieces of herself — and then reassemble them to make herself whole and make the nightmares go away. Or at least that’s what she thinks. And she has to solve puzzles, fight monsters, explore the world, interact with NPCs and… and…. This is starting to sound like a game.

That thought of how this “series” sounded a LOT like a game (and probably a fun one at that) kept nagging at me every time I tried to work on it as a video project. Also, when I was honest with myself, my main reason for planning to do any kind of video was because I didn’t want to disappoint other people by leaving that world entirely, not because it was necessarily what I wanted to do for myself. And I’d already decided that that was a bad way to go about things.

It’s kind of hard to commit to something when you know deep down there’s a better way to do it, and I’d been wanting to try my hand at game design for some time. So, rather than think of a game story from scratch and throw it onto my already-massive project pile, I figured it was best to make use of what was already there. And that’s why Fragments of Maia (now Fragments of Mira) is the planning stages now. 🙂

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