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New Project: Raziel v 1.00

Raziel: v 1.00
Once upon a time, I hastily threw together a thing in Twine for something called the Cyberpunk Jam. The thing-I-threw-together has since been taken down [edit: It’s back!], but I always wanted to turn it into something more. Something on the scale of Eden and Shadow of a Soul that plays like, well, a full a game and has things like music and custom illustrations and many more possibilities.

And now that She Who Fights Monsters is done, I can go forward with that.

Raziel will be a cybepunk-themed game where you go into a virtual world to track down the mysterious figure who’s been haunting your virtual dreams. Who is he? What does he want? And once you learn the answer, will you think it’s worth the price? There may be other questions, too, if you know where to look.

This game will be made in Twine. Not only is Twine cross-platform; I know it pretty well, and I think the intimate feel of a Twine game is ideal for this story. After all: most of it goes on inside your head. [Edit: Due to getting lotsandlots of new ideas, I made it in RPG Maker instead. :p The end result is very different from the original Twine, but in a good way, I think.]


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