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Raziel Gets Upgraded (Also, Screenshots!)

It seems like the more I work with this game, the more there is to work with. Not just for story and character, but in terms of the game world itself.

While I was sorting out the best way to set up Otherworld, I realized it needed an overworld of sorts. Unlike the Real World, it’s not a city made to scale; it’s a bunch of miniatures that, once you step inside them, take you to the real thing. In other words, it’s set up like a world map in an RPG. I think that fits what Otherworld is: a place that’s essentially fiction, despite how real it seems.

But Etherworld (a.k.a. the “junk code” world) is what’s undergone the most changes since I first imagined it. At first, it was just one thing, a single world “beneath” Otherworld with a singular set of traits. But over time, it’s turned into something more complex. There are three different layers to it, starting off with glitches and ending in nightmare fuel. The deepest realm uses parts of Etherworld’s original design concept plus a few… surprises. I’ll supply new screenshots of Etherworld when things are a bit a established.

More to come as more progress is made. In the meantime, enjoy the new screenshots. 🙂


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