The indiE3 Project

Posted on June 8th, 2014

A few days ago, I learned of something interesting called the indiE3 Project. It’s brand new and I was sad I didn’t have anything to share… until the creators assured me that 1)you don’t need to submit a big, polished presentation and 2)yes, it was all right for me to present a recently-released game and not just a project in progress. So I’m going to be submitting She Who Fights Monsters there and maybe my next game, too. (Yes, I’m working on another thing!)

What makes indiE3 interesting is that it seems tailor made for smaller, lesser-known developers who may not have the financial or social resources to get the exposure they need. This includes those who aren’t close major industry contacts (personally or proximally) and/or can’t afford to go to expensive conferences. Since it’s a virtual event, anyone can submit their stuff, host a panel, etc., without ever leaving their home or paying an entrance fee.

I hope this event is the Next Big Thing — and judging from the interest it’s generated in the few short days since its inception, it very well could be. Every dev deserves a fair shot at having their creations viewed and their voices heard.

The conference begins Monday, June 9th. Visit the the official page here.

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