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Hi, Everyone! I’ve just finished redesigning and reorganizing the site, including pulling stuff from Ephemera (my former Blogging Through Games site) to/back to here and recategorizing it. I think it’s just easier for everyone that way.

The new Playground section is for stuff I would’ve posted on Ephemera — thoughts and doodles in game form, mostly, but sometimes a bit more, and always stuff I put together in a relatively short time. Basically, that’s the part of the site where I put stuff I’m not too concerned about calling a “game”. (There are a couple of Twine stories in the Games listings that would’ve gone in there, too, but since they were my very first projects, I put them with the rest of the games.) My personal favorite is Apocalypse Girl, a Twine story about loneliness.

For my stuff in general, I’ve also added engine tags content advisories and (when appropriate) an NSFW tag so people can tell at a glance what’s there. I hope they come in handy.

Anyway, I hope you like the new look and the new features. 🙂


Signed, The Pixie.


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