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New Site: Ephemera

Hi, Everyone! That new project I mentioned is finally set up. I call it Ephemera: Blogging through Games. I’ve posted two new projects there to get things started. One is a new Twine game about procrastination, and the other (believe it or not) is an RPG Maker-based spiritual follow-up to The Choice, which was my very first attempt at making a game. When I made The Choice, I tried as hard as I could to make it uplifting or encouraging or whatever. This time, I just let the story tell itself–and more with actions and images than words.

Oh, and the About page might also be worth a visit.

Anyway, I hope you enjoy it. ^^

Check out Ephemera here.

Posted 08/31/17
Category: Game Dev, Misc., RPG Maker, Twine


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