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Here's where I put early versions of games as well as not-quite games that don't fit in somehow or might be expanded later. If you'd like to check out alpha versions, art experiments and miscellaneous personal stuff I've created, this is the place.

Alpha Version: She Who Fights Monsters

The lost alpha version of this game (then called Fighting the Monster) isn’t so lost anymore.

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Apocalypse Girl

A Twine story mostly about loneliness, or at least it was to me.

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Erase Me

A gamelet that deals with suicide. Sometimes, grim determination is all that keeps you going.

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This one is about procrastination. It’s short, so don’t put off trying it. ;p

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Raziel: Original Version

Note: To learn more about how this one happened and the thought process that went into it, please read this post. Basically, it’s the product of my first game jam. This is the original version of Raziel, the Twine game I created for the Cyberpunk Jam. It’s simple. It’s quick. […]

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