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Rochelle "Gaming Pixie"

Designing Since: 2013


Press Contact: Rochelle


Best-known games:
She Who Fights Monsters (Windows only)
Eden (Twine)
What's in a Name? (Twine)

Video Permissions: Feel free to include footage from my games in your videos, including for-profit videos. Just be sure to credit me and (if possible) link back to this site--and I'd love to see your work!


Hello, media type people and curious onlookers! Here’s all the relevant stuff. More will be added as it becomes available/necessary.


This isn’t a studio. Just the work of a woman who’s been a gamer all her life and took the leap into development in 2013.

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(For more info about yours truly, check the “About My Games/Me” page.)

Hi! I’m Rochelle, a.k.a. Gaming Pixie. I got into game design more-or-less by accident: I heard about this thing called Twine and used it to tell an interactive story. Then I told another that got a lot of unexpected attention, including from Kotaku thanks to the right person seeing it. More complex endeavors followed, and these Twine stories were 1)less personal catharsis, more simply fiction and 2)decidedly more “game-like” than their predecessors. That’s when I officially caught the game dev bug.

My first non-Twine game (She Who Fights Monsters) was made using RPG Maker VX Ace, which was gifted to me by a Twitter friend. This one was based largely on my experiences growing up with an alcoholic parent. Apparently, my non-Twine games are following the same trajectory as the Twine games before them: starting off deeply personal, then gravitating towards bigger, broader themes. My latest RPG Maker-based project, Raziel, is a cyberpunk RPG (sort of; it’s not quite conventional) based on nothing more than my strange imagination. And, like the Twine games, it’s bigger and more complex than the game before it.

Assuming I don’t get distracted by any other Twine or RPG Maker ideas, my next step is using Game Maker. I’ve already got a few ideas in mind….


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